What we stand for

We at innomedis put highest quality first in order to satisfy our customers. In order to be able to ensure this level of satisfaction, we strictly adhere to European quality standards while setting new standards ourselves which are constantly examined and audited. We strictly define and supervise all concerned processes, choose our suppliers and service providers wisely and make sure they acquaint themselves with our high quality requirements.

Quality seal ISO EN DIN 13485 certified Schatten

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Icon ISO EN DIN 13485 certified

Certified in accordance with ISO EN DIN 13485

CE Zertifikat

innomedis AG has been certified as medical product manufacturer in accordance with the applicable quality standards.

We check our suppliers and ingredients during all supply chain management processes, from the originator up to the finished product by attaching special value to the highest quality at any given time.

A continuous supervision of the whole production process is taking place by keeping close contact to our business partners.

Quality seal Free from preservative properties Schatten

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Icon Free from preservative properties

Free from preservative properties

We attribute great importance to an unpreserved filling of the products, as many preservatives can cause negative side-effects over a certain period of time.

In order to be able to offer unpreserved products, we use innovative and patented bottle systems such as the OSD (ophthalmic-squeeze-dispenser) or pump bottle systems for our eye drops and sprays.

Quality seal Service and customer proximity Schatten

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Icon Service and customer proximity

Service and customer proximity

It is our fundamental aim to exceed our clients´ expectations.

One way of realizing our ambitions is to adapt ourselves quickly and in an easy and flexible way to our clients´ wishes. "The customer is king" - this is not only an empty slogan to us, but the core of our daily work.

We conduct customer surveys on a regular basis in order to learn where our service may be improved.

Qualitätssiegel CE-certified medical product Schatten

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Icon CE-certified medical product

CE-certified medical product

CE Zertifikat

Our products are all CE-certified, thus they are fully monitored at all stages of the product life cycle. This includes:

  • the analysis and minimization of all risks and side effects
  • the verification of biological compability
  • ensuring that mechanical and electrical safety standards are met
  • clinical and diagnostic evaluation
  • ensuring therapeutic and diagnostic benefit
  • monitoring of measuring consistency